Basement Waterproofing

Do your basement walls look like any of these? If so, water has penetrated the waterproof membrane designed to keep water out. Functioning storm sewers around a foundation and a membrane on the exterior side of walls are crucial in keeping a basement dry. Over the years, debris and vegetation can infiltrate the sewer system impeding proper flow of storm water away from the foundation. Soil pressure can cause cracks to form allowing water to end up in the basement. At Mural & Son Inc., we have years of experience in correcting these types of problems. When possible, we recommend excavation of the affected area(s) in order to replace the drain tile and downspout lines along with sealing the exterior side of the wall(s) promoting drainage around and away from the foundation into the proper municipal system. All materials used meet or exceed Ohio Building Code standards and are obtained locally in a continuing effort to support the Cleveland community.

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Give us a call, we will visit the site, observe the evidence, inform you of the options available, and provide a written estimate to repair. Most water problems are solved in the manner described above, but when you have been around as long as us, and seen what we have seen, sometimes it takes a more scrutinizing approach. No one has more experience in the field than Mural & Son, Inc. Why put up with a damp dingy basement, when the most trusted name in the business is just a phone call away! 216-267-3322